Water & Wastewater

 AlBusaili Co. has the Best Capabilities to:


Supply, Installation, Commissioning, Testing, Operation &  Maintenance Of All Equipment For Water & Sanitary Wastewater & Industrial Oily Water Plants In Albusaili Co. Dept. Of The Water & Wastewater Sewage Treatment Plants Are Of Special Importance To Human Health Protection Against Disease As Well As Environmental Protection. It Is Indeed A Lucrative And Cost -Effective Investment To Both Present And Coming  Generations, Also Networks And Other Necessary Components Are Not Less Important And The Execution Of Several Important Vital Projects Is A Proof, Our Range Of Projects & Works Covers In Many Aspects Several Fields From Industry, W&WT Products,

Engineering, Technology and Automation Processes.

Al Busaili Water & Wastewater Dept. Supply Systems Works To Saudi Aramco Authorities Of Water & Wastewater. Our Scope of Work in This Field Comprises Design, Supply And Installation, Commissioning, Testing, Operation & Maintenance Of The Industrial Water And Wastewater Treatment. We Have The Broad Membrane Filtration Experience To Optimize Each System Individually And Respond Rapidly To Your Needs, Whether For Modification Or Expansion Of Your Recurrent System Or To Address Changes In The Clean Water Act. Industrial Water And Wastewater Treatment Encompasses Operations For Purification Of Incoming Water And Outgoing Wastewater Streams In Commercial And Industrial Facilities.

As The Need For High Quality Water For Industrial Processing Escalates, Good Quality Water Is Becoming Harder To Find And Increasingly More Expensive, At The Same Time Restrictions On Wastewater From Regulation And Corporate Accountability Practices Increase The Cost Of Wastewater Treatment.

Membrane Technology Provides A Cost-Effective Solution To Both Problems. Membrane /Technology Can Be Used On Incoming Water To Create Water Pure Enough To Be Used For A Variety Of Processes. Membrane Technology Can Also Treat Industrial Wastewaters To Meet The Most Stringent Discharge Regulations. In Many Cases Membranes Can Even Produce Treated Wastewater That Is Clean Enough For Reuse Within The Factory.


Water Treatment & Sanitation

- Water & Wastewater Equipment/Products Supplier.
- Water & Wastewater Works
- Water & Wastewater Plant Designs
- Wastewater Recycling/Reuse
- Industrial Wastewater Treatment & Oily Water Treatment Compounds
- Sanitary Wastewater Treatment
- Operation & Maintenance of Water & Wastewater Treatment plant
- Operators Training and Certifications of Water/Wastewater Plants
- Mobile and Drilling Rigs Water & Wastewater Treatment System
- Marine Water & Wastewater Treatment System
- Marine Reuse Wastewater Treatment
- Marine Oily Water Separator Systems
- Pipe Rehabilitation for Raw Water and Sewer


Services Provide to the Clients

Saudi Aramco Dhahran
- Supply & install 21 surface Aerators of Sanitary Wastewater Treatment Facilities.
- Supervision of Sanitary Wastewater Treatment Facilities.

Saudi Aramco Rabigh
- Supply, Supervision, Installation and Commissioning of MBR for 2500 m³/day for the Treatment Plant.