Technical Back-up


Air Fuelling Operation (AFO)

Albusaili Co. Has Committed Itself During The Five Decades To Do Its Best Level, Honesty, Work Perfection & Commitment Towards The Contracts Responsibilities, Albusaili Co`S Advantages Over Other Competitors In The Saudi Market Were Based On Its Full Availability All Times In Its Projects, Highly Skilled Technicians And High Quality Work. Air Fueling Operations (AFO) Has Become One Of The Main Activities For Albusaili Company.

AlBusaili Co. Management Has Perfectly Aware That:

  • The Air Fuelling Operation (AFO) Is One Of The Important Pillars For The Advancement Of The Human Civilization.
  • Albusaili Is Been Classified As Highly Qualified As Far As The Technical Back Up Providing Is Concerned, It Has Succeeded In Providing The Technical Back Up To Saudi Aramco In The AFO To Military & Commercial Planes For Many Years In Different Areas In Different Zones In The Saudi Arabia Throughout The 24 Hours Has Increased Our Years Of Experience & Resources, Which Indeed Matched Saudi Aramco Requirements.
  • Albusaili Is Been Honored To Bear The Full Operational Responsibility For The AFO Working With Saudi Aramco Since (1996). We Have Been Doing These Operations In 15 Main & Highly Critical Airports & Air Bases In The Whole Of The Saudi Arabian “At The One Time” In Which We Had Been Doing The Following:
    • Air Fuelling.
    • Maintenance The Fuelling System And Equipments.
    • Fuel Lab Works.


  • AlBusaili has recruited very high quality technicians and completed a big ready team trained team trained as per Saudi Aramco standard programs and we continuously keep updating and training them to reach a very level of Air Fuelling Standards to increase the expertise and insure high quality services.
  • We work with very high specifications and standards to make sure that all equipment operate in their highest capacity and bear all technical and ground responsibilities to ensure high work quality that meet IATA technical standards.
  • We committed to ensure high quality fuel and fueling equipment’s and work under all recommendation to in the quality.
  • Control of the AFO & Fuelling system and Equipment’s maintenance to ensure that the supplied fuel is clean and meet all International Standards.


AFO afo6 

  • We Made Safety & Environmental Requirements Instructed By The GACA.
  • We Committed To Clients Timings With No Registered Delay Which Is Our Priority Towards The Applied Safety Procedures.
  • Albusaili Co. Executes The Operations With Highly Advanced & Professional Conduct As The Equipment’s Maintenance Requires The Availability Of Highly Skilled Manpower And Advanced System To Do The Smoothly And Perfect Work In An International Airports Like Inspecting And Maintenance Mobile And Stationary Equipment’s To Ensure High Performance By The Electrical & Mechanical Equipment’s, Sophisticated Systems For The Preventive Measures And Emergency Failures In Tires Or The Helm Of Directing The Fuel With Capacity Of (7000 – 85000 Litters).


  • Albusaili Management Has The Full Knowledge In The Quality Of Fueling Procedures Helped In Providing Excellent Services To Ground Pumps/Fuel Dispensers, Refuelers Tanking Systems To Be Able To Provide All Aircrafts With Fueling Services Around The Clock, These Services Include For Example But Not Limited To:
  • Operate All Mobile & Stationary Equipment's Used In Refueling.
  • Filling Tanks With Fuel Then Refuel The Aircrafts.
  • Preparation The Fueling Tickets And Documents Related To Aviation Service At The Airports.
  • Operation Schedule Will Be Throughout The 24 Hours A Day.
  • Albusaili Has The Experience And Capabilities To Execute All Laboratory Works Like:
  •  Sampling & Testing From Each Refueler Filled With The Commercial Fuel JET A-1, Calculate The Additional Quantity Of The De-Freezing Agent, Wearing Agent & The Static 450 Material.
  • Albusaili Has A Full Skilled, Knowledgeable & Professional Staff To Manage The Fueling Operations.
  • Albusaili Has The Full Detailed & Knowledge Of Air Fueling At The Air Bases & International Airports Like KKIA – Riyadh & KFIA – Dammam As We Are Still Doing The Operation As Per Our Contract With Saudi Aramco Since 2004.
  • Albusaili Company Has An Excellent And Clean History Sheet With Saudi Aramco Filled With Commitments, Devotion, Perfect Conduct & Credibility To Execute Contractual Obligation.


Brief About Albusaili Ability In:

Oil & Fuel Laboratories Works With Saudi Aramco:

Takes Samples And Tested The (KEY TEST) To Vision Observation For Density, Electric Connections, Flash Point, Heat Distillation, Octane Value For Each Product (Oil, Diesel, Benzene ) And Record The Product Quality LIMS.

To Make Sure That The Density Of The Fuel In The Tank Is Equal To The One In The Control System.

Taking Sample (As Per The American System For Testing & Standards ASTM) For Each Product From All Defueling Lines And Do The Abbreviated Test Every 4 Hours.

Testing A Sample From Product Reception Line To The Ground Every 2 Hours.

Testing Samples From Each Refueled Filled With The Fighter Fuel JP-8 & Civil Aircrafts JET A-1, In Addition To Calculate The Additional Quantity Of The De-Freezing Agent, Wearing Agent And The Static 450 Material.