Mechanical Works

Subject: RFQ MFC PO 6510755687 Repair & Maintenance services at Tanajib Facility

Good Day Gentlemen,

We have extensively evaluated  your Company’s performance for this existing MFC Repair & Maintenance services at Tanajib Facility. For  the past eight (8) months your Company achieved good scores in the contractor site safety evaluation and have provided competent manpower and good quality equipment.

Thus, we are pleased to inform you that we are currently processing the extension for additional two (2) more years. Attached is the Scope of Work and Request for Quotation (RFQ) related to the said extension.

Please review and provide your reasonable discounted rates since this is for two (2) years in comparison with the current one (1) year MFC.

Please forward your quotation on the listed Manpower and  Equipment not later than  2:00 PM on Thursday Sept 1, 2016.


Eunizel P. Castillejo
Contracts Advisor (Marine Department)