Instrumentation Control


  • Instrument Lists
  • Input / Output Lists
  • Logic Diagrams for On-Off Controls
  • Functional Block Diagrams for Closed Loop Controls
  • Instrument Hook-up Details and Material Take Off 

Detailed Capabilities:

  • Electromechanical Systems Commissioning
  • Boiler Electromechanical Systems Commissioning
  • Electrical and Mechanical Equipments Inspection
  • Electrical and Mechanical Pre-commissioning & Commissioning
  • Interfacing, Signaling, Grounding, Wiring Continuity & Loop Check
  • Protection Relays Testing & Validation
  • Water Treatment Systems Commissioning
  • Alignment of Rotating Machines (Pumps, Fans…Etc)

AlBusaili provides the following services to Safi Danone Factory:

  • Installation and commissioning of instrument valves, sensors, transducers etc.
  • Laying cables of power and instrumentation.
  • Commissioning of different elements (FT, PT, CT, TT).
  • Commissioning pumps, agitators and homogenizers.
  • Work with fiber optical cables.
  • Work with AS interface cables and AS interface modules.

Supplying, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of All:

  • Chillers & Central Cooling Plants (First National Experiences)
  • Supply, Erection & Commissioning of Industrial Mechanical Equipments
  • Instrumentation
  • Pipes and Valve Fittings – Measuring Up to 40 Inches
  • Remove (and/or) Install Plumbing Fixtures
  • Re-Tubing Work
  • Insulation & Cladding
  • Plumbing Including Drains, Vent Systems, Water Conservation, Recovery and Rain water harvesting
  • Firefighting Systems
  • Automatic Sprinkler Systems, Water Mist Systems, Diesel & Electric Fire Pumps, Early Detection and Suppression Systems, Automatic and Manual Standpipe Systems