Electrical Works

Supplying, Installation, Testing & Commissioning for all:

Scope of Work Can Be Done for Electrical Power Systems:


    1. All Power Transformers Inside High Voltage Substations Up to 69.5 KV with all Ranges of Capacity .
    2. All Types of Power Circuit Breakers ( Vacuum – Oil – SF6 ) Inside High Voltage Substations Up to 69.5 KV with all Ranges of Capacity.
    3. All Types of Protection Relays Inside Power Transformer Substations ( Electromechanical, Static , Digital ) Settings and Programming.
    4. All Generators Types and Main Distribution panels & Automatic Transfer Switches with all Protection Relays Included.
    5. All the Work for Supplying , Extending, Installations ,Testing & Commissioning of all Power Cables from 13.8 KV Up to 69.5 KV and Do All Work for Terminations and Joints for Medium Voltage Cables .
    6. All High Voltage Tests for :
      1. Power Transformers , Current and Voltage Transformers & all Types of Power Circuit Breakers ( Vacuum – Oil – SF6 ) Inside High Voltage Substations  Up to 69.5 KV with all Ranges of Capacity.
      2. Handling Complete Installation, Testing & Commissioning for :
      3. Electrical and Instrumentations in Refineries, Industrials and Power Plants
      4. All Work for all Types of Lighting Installations Inside Industrial Plants
    7. Fire Alarm System, CCTV and Sound Systems
    8. Cable Trays Routing.
    9. Material Takes Off “MTO” for Electrical Material.


Power transformers