Third Forum of the Saudi Aviation Club

Under the Sponsorship of His Royal Highness Prince Sultan bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, the founder and Chairman of the Aviation Club, the third forum of the Saudi aviation, which contributes to the spread of the general aviation culture, and the forum is considered as one of the best places for the aviation enthusiasts \to learn about the most important news and developments in the world of aviation, as well as being a great chance for the fans to meet with the pilots and experts of this broad sector and enrich their related general information by visiting the forum.

And AlBusaili Company - Air fueling Operations Division- One of the participants and contributors to this forum, AlBusaili has been one of the main sponsors of this event, which showed through its participation, within the exhibition that is accompanying the forum, its practical experience in the field of aviation refueling and enriched the visitors information in the exhibition of the most important achievements and successes within the field. 

Saudi Aramco

Subject: RFQ MFC PO 6510755687 Repair & Maintenance services at Tanajib Facility

Good Day Gentlemen,

We have extensively evaluated  your Company’s performance for this existing MFC Repair & Maintenance services at Tanajib Facility. For  the past eight (8) months your Company achieved good scores in the contractor site safety evaluation and have provided competent manpower and good quality equipment.

Thus, we are pleased to inform you that we are currently processing the extension for additional two (2) more years. Attached is the Scope of Work and Request for Quotation (RFQ) related to the said extension.

Please review and provide your reasonable discounted rates since this is for two (2) years in comparison with the current one (1) year MFC.

Please forward your quotation on the listed Manpower and  Equipment not later than  2:00 PM on Thursday Sept 1, 2016.


Eunizel P. Castillejo
Contracts Advisor (Marine Department)

RRD Environmental & Energy Campaign Awareness 2015

For being a leader in HSE, AlBusaili Company has been participating with Saudi Aramco Riyadh Refinery Department RRD every year to increase the awareness and educate visitors and employees the best Practices which can be strictly followed to maintain Safe and Healthy Environment.

This year on the first week of December 2015 Saudi Aramco RRD has organized a very successful Campaign by inviting many expertises to deliver their presentations, Mr. Nadir has delivered the successful work AlBusaili Company does to increase practices and awareness while executing projects related to Saudi Aramco in all fields like Industrial Wastewater, Electrical & Mechanical Works. Saudi Aramco RRD Manager and the respected delegates appraised the discussion and awarded AlBusaili Company award of achievement excellence.




  1. Saudi Aramco Riyadh Refinery is launching an Environmental Awareness Campaign on December 3, 2015 and AlBusaili is one of the invited companies to participate in the said event.
  2. AlBusaili is collaborating with EdS Infrastrutture, a prestigious Italian firm, expertise in Metro Rail Project, locally and internationally. On September 21, 2014, we formed, AlBusaili Eds Engineering Technologies Ltd. to cope Riyadh Metro Project. Indeed, we are already qualified subcontractor and also qualifying for Jeddah Metro Project.
  3. Saudi Aramco Riyadh Community Services extended their contract with us for General Maintenance Service’s project for six (6) month. Contract will end on March 31, 2016.
  4. Power and Water Utility Company for Jubail and Yanbu (MARAFIQ) awarded us a new project, Replacement of HVAC for Control Room of STG units 3 and 4 that will last on December 2016.
  5. AlBusaili has been approved vendor of Yanbu Aramco Sinopec Refining Company (YASREF) Ltd. on July 27, 2015
  6. Khafji Joint Operation ongoing Projects as of today;
    1.           Periodical Condition Monitoring of Rotating Equipment - until November 20, 2017    

    2.           Maintenance Service for Sewage Facilities - until July 31, 2016.

    3.            Rental and Maintenance Services for HVAC and Refrigeration Equipments until April 30, 2018

  7. Saudi Aramco ongoing projects as of today
    1.           Maintenance Services at Yanbu Refinery, NGL and COT - until November 21, 2017

    2.           Maintenance Services and Repair at Haradh Gas Plant, Hawiyah NGL, Hawiyah Gas Plant, Utmaniyah Gas Plant and Shedgum Gas Plant – until August 5, 2016

    3.           Major Maintenance Services at WRDD (multi works) – until December 12, 2017.

  8. Ministry and Government Projects on-going as of today
    1.           Grain Silos and Flour Mills Organization – Electromechanical works

    2.            Al Jubail Naval Base – Refueling services

    3.            SAPTCO – Electrical works

    4.            King Khalid International Airport – under UFC Company for refueling/defueling backup services.

  9.       Al Jubail Naval Base – Refueling servicesAlBusaili completed the Marafiq project on 16th of April 2015 for the Replacement of HVAC Units.
  10. AlBusaili completed the Ministry of Health (MOH) project for Electrical works on October 1, 2015 at Arar, Madinah, Al Jouf and Hail.
  11. AlBusaili obtained a project from National Water Company (NWC) for Supply and Install 2 RMU 13.8 KV and Power Cables 13.8KV at South Substation, Riyadh
  12. AlBusaili signed contract with Authentix Co. for the Supply of Electromechanical and Civil works for Rabigh, Jeddah and Jizan.