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AlBusaili Company was established since April 1961, by Mr. AbdulRahman AlBusaili the owner of the specialty and insight.

At the time, the Company had started its Electromechanical activities on small scale, which was the seed planted and grown by Mr.  AbdulRahman AlBusaili within his Business establishment, this establishment that faced strong and ambitious changes and fluctuations aiming  for the localization of the latest technologies and techniques in the Saudi Arabian Market since 1970, which allowed the Company to  have its fingerprint in the map of the huge Saudi industrial sector as a pioneer Company specialized in multiple technical operations.

Aside to the Electromechanical sector, AlBusaili has been providing a wide horizon of the Technical Backup services relevant to and subsidiary from the Electromechanical sector, through huge bunch of years while covering various facilities over a huge geographical territory on 24/7 basis. AlBusaili has strongly succeeded in handling all unlimited assigned responsibilities comprising complexly interfering activities beyond description, where such success allowed AlBusaili to fill the Pioneer position Technical Backup services provider at the hugest and toughest Clients in the Saudi Market, with zero delay records.

We at AlBusaili, strive to work honestly for ensuring the brightest future of our Company, while being fully aware that the Electromechanical Sector is considered as hugely unlimited sector that’s highly demanded by all Clients at all levels, that’s one of the pillars of the modern human civilization. AlBusaili is currently considered at the front lines in reference to its competitors in terms of the company size, owned skill and performance efficiency, with strong presence at all projects’ sites, supported by long years of refined experience that complies with the professionalism of the entities forming the Saudi Economic Columns.

We confidently say that, AlBusaili owns a prideful history, as well as the perfect knowhow about the Saudi Market.

AlBusaili stands on solid core values that established for AlBusaili a strong business moral reputation, as all of AlBusaili employees are firmly committed to the highest moral standards applied to each and every activity being done, and despite of the continuously growing workload, AlBusaili’s Top Management had never skipped the social works at its various levels in an institutionalized professional manner, focused on providing the technical backup for the newly established Saudi Companies who are specialized in any of AlBusaili’s Specialties, in addition to other voluntary logistical works that benefits the general development and supports the humanitarian work in the local community to reach an appropriate level of removing all obstacles facing others to allow the investment of their capabilities. AlBusaili contribution mainly aims the following:

·   Strong Personal solidarity for providing the best help in the hard situations.

·   Strengthening the culture of being socially cooperative between the different social categories.

·   Strengthening the unity feeling of territory belonging.

·   Achievement of relevant partial Social Security.

·   Human Development support.

              · Considering the value of the activity.